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Behind The Numbers: 2015 U.S. Retail Marijuana Sales



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Do you want to understand how the Legal U.S. retail marijuana market in 2015 is quantified?  Look no further!  In this report (our Q4 update) we provide a comprehensive and transparent state by state analysis of 2015 full year results (we reiterate our prior estimate of $4.8 billion).  Because approximately 55% of the legalized marijuana market is unregulated (and thus controls for the monitoring and reporting of sales activity are at best, minimal) we underscore that a precise full year total is elusive. However, we believe that our proprietary data collection and analysis provides a reasonable basis with which to quantify the U.S. retail marijuana market. While California is the largest market in the U.S., (~40% of revenues) and is unregulated, our analysis of state sales tax collections enables us to provide more visibility into this market.  

More information on the U.S. markets, including our industry forecasts is provided in the “The GreenWave Report: State of the Emerging  Marijuana Industry (Second Edition)” which was published in November, 2015 (includes our full year 2015 estimates based upon our analysis through Q3).   Purchasers of this report will receive a discount code for $300 off “The GreenWave Report…”.





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