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MARIJUANA LAB TESTING: An in depth analysis of investing in one of the industry’s most attractive plays



The proliferation and diversity of the various state legalized marijuana markets have spawned numerous and different ancillary enterprises that are eagerly seeking a permanent foothold in the evolving cannabis eco-system. As individual states debate the efficacy of current legislative statutes or contemplate initial legalization referendums, lab testing requirements of cannabis products has become an increasing subject of concern and attention. Although the current governing statutes regarding legalized marijuana uses vary in great degrees from state to state, one common theme that has emerged is the increased awareness on the part of legislators and health officials, as well as cultivators and laboratories, of the critical importance of product testing and quality assurance.

With an eye forward to eventual federal rescheduling or possible de-listing it is reasonable to assume that uniform national testing and operational standardization protocols may eventually be implemented at least as a baseline binding thread that will steadfastly assure consumers of an expectant consistency of product. Lab testing services therefore, appears to us as a prime target for investment capital aimed at securing a durable enterprise presence in the evolving cannabis industry.

In this quantitative report, we provide an overview of the marijuana lab testing sector with a first glimpse as to what the potential market size could approach by the year 2020. In this regard, we build upon the conclusions drawn from our prior research efforts and discuss current state requirements, the path toward standardization, a state by state revenue forecast, and identify some of the leading indicators for investment considerations in this emerging sub sector.

“GreenWave Advisors clearly understand the “business” of the cannabis industry. They really do their research concerning the cannabis industry as whole, and the marijuana testing market in particular and I found it very interesting that their findings are consistent with our business plan. In addition to being a solid resource for those looking to invest in the cannabis industry, GreenWave’s reports offer useful guidance that both entrepreneurs and business owners can use to make their businesses better.” – Todd Denkin, CEO/President DigiPath Labs



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