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The State of Colorado: Year One – The Co-Existence of Legalized Medical and Recreational Use Marijuana Markets



As opportunities in the cannabis industry become more significant, investors will require more detailed information and analysis when evaluating potential investments.

This 35 page report, which provides a county by county recap and analysis of historical trends in the State of Colorado, calls to attention the inherent evolution of consumer spending preferences in a dual marketplace, as the easing of recreational use restrictions has disrupted the growth rate of the presently constituted medical marijuana market.

“We all know that there is a critical dearth of good data and information in the cannabis industry. And its not that the information isn’t there, its simply that there are too few organizations focused on really digging out the data, analyzing it and then providing actionable insights for our industry. Im thrilled to say that GreenWave Advisors is handily filling that gap with their latest report on the first year of recreational legalization in Colorado. This report is stuffed with enough detail to make any data geek happy, and it provides real numbers that can help in the development of business plans, pro formas, etc for either those currently in the business, or those thinking about getting in.  It’s a complex and challenging environment in Colorado, but it is rich with insight and opportunity as the first of its kind, and I think GreenWave really captured that perfectly and has managed to distill it down to a single report that can act as a trusted resource for us all as we continue to drive towards the future of cannabis.”  —  Tripp Keber, CEO Dixie Elixirs


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